~ Our Vision ~

You're colorful, sparkling, and deserve access to quality tools for self-expression. Our goal is to create a community where every person feels beautiful, safe, and ready to SLAY.

We deliver high-end, avant garde false lashes to all beings. Provide everyone the opportunity to express themself with confidence and pride.

Who? What?

BFlare Beauty is an NYC-based beauty design studio born out of sheer boredom, a major need in the beauty market, and a dream of finding something bigger in life.

While working as a production assistant on a TV set, I spent a lot of my downtime practicing makeup, hoping to someday join the makeup union. The more I sat and thought about my dream future, I realized there was something missing from the world. Bomb ass decorated lashes. So that's what I made.

I started wearing my lashes around set and caught the eye of the makeup team. When I got a text asking me to meet the head of the Makeup Department in the team's trailer, I fully thought I was in trouble. BUT instead she asked me to design lashes for an episode.

I immediately broke down in tears of joy—this was the first moment in my life where I felt appreciated recognized for my skills and hard work. Funny side note - the actor who wore my lashes also studied musical theater at the same college as me!

Between that and so many other signs from the universe, I knew Bflare Beauty was meant to be.

  • Brittany Flaherty

    Owner, CEO (Creative Eyelash OG)

    - I live in...New York, NY
    There’s only one man for me and that’s MANHattan, Saweetie!

    - On a Friday night, you can find me...working on set.

    - My beverage of choice is...coffee & champagne!

    - I prefer...cats and dogs. I love all the animals.

    - My secret talent is...making grown men cry 😉😘

  • Emily Harrison

    Creative Director, BFlare's right hand gal

    - I live in... no place in particular (but mostly the Southwest US).

    - On a Friday night, you can find me... on a sunset hike with my bf.

    - My beverage of choice is... black cold brew coffee.

    - I prefer... cats.

    - My secret talent is...spotting cats basically anywhere I go. From like a mile away.